Hello! My name is Frances but I prefer to go by Frannie. I currently work as a marketing and multimedia manager and enjoy exploring different creative outlets - from graphics, print, video, audio, & more. I started graphic design in middle school after I had the sudden urge to build websites. My first website was about my passion for dogs and I eventually taught myself how to code and design.

I ended up studying marketing in college and found a way to merge my creative side with the business aspect of it. My background consists of marketing in various environments - I've done marketing for a motivational speaker, a fashion designer, my college's art gallery, and now currently a company that seeks to help college students all around the world to save money.

When I'm not designing or marketing, you can usually find me traveling, doing community volunteer work, or anything music-related. I've traveled to over 20 different countries and want to visit more. I have also helped out with designing a newspaper for my local community. I've sang at weddings, restaurants, cafés, and miscellaneous venues in different states and countries for the past 14 years and I love performing jazz the most!

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out in the form below. Thank you for reading!

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